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The Original nextkam™️ Mini-Camera

✅ Keep Tabs On Home While You're Away at work or on Vacation!

✅Live-stream or record to your phone from anywhere in the world!

✅ Monitor Babies, Elderly, Kids, Sleepovers, Pets and anything else!

✅ Check For Packages That Arrive and Guard Against Theft!

✅ Motion Detection Alerts You When Unusual Activity Is Taking Place!

✅ Monitor Service Workers Too (Babysitters, Plumbers, Painters, etc.!)

✅ Take Action Immediately with the Live-stream AND save video content as evidence just in case something bad happens!

With the upgraded military-grade, intelligent motion detection technology, nextkam™️ can automatically record activity! 
Turn on the automatic sensor to take advantage of the robust motion detection technology.
Once motion is detected, the nextkam will send a Push Notification with images to your phone. Open the app, and watch what’s going on in real time and never worry about missing something important!
The device features a sleek design of 6 infrared IR lights with non-luminance and night vision. Additionally, you can remotely switch it on/off via the nextkam™️ App as well.

The High Definition camera is one of the world's smallest cameras. You can put nextkam™️ in the corner of your home, office, car, even on your clothing or on your backpack our extra-strength magnet located inside of the nextkam.

In addition, it can also be used as a security camera, car dash cam, aerial action camera, pet camera, baby camera, elderly camera and much more!


This High Definition camera uses an advanced 2.0MP image sensor that will capture 1920 x 1080P HD video at 25fps (frames per second) with impeccable color reproduction.

The live video can be viewed via an iOS/Android Smartphone, Tablet, Mac or Windows PC.

nextkam™️ has a 180° wide-angle professional grade lens, creating a large coverage view to monitor your home, office, housekeeper, nanny, baby, pets, or to even use as a dash cam in your car.

Powerful Night Vision
With military-grade night vision, you will be able to view even the smallest of objects in absolute darkness.
nextkam™️ has 6 high-powered infrared LEDs built-in that can deliver outstanding night vision range of up to 16.4ft (5m). 
nextkam™️ functions in low light and even in the dark, with remote capabilities to turn it on and off.

Battery Life and Storage

nextkam™️ comes with a high-quality 300mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery that record video continuously in HD.

nextkam™️ is rechargeable and it can stay on indefinitely with the included charging cables.

Additionally, nextkam's recorded content can be stored on your phone or with the micro SD card.

Approximate battery life when not connected to a power source is 30 hours.


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