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October 3, 2018
Very nice mini camera that provides various ways to use. I downloaded the free app that has simple setup instructions for connecting the mini camera to your WI-fi and store videos on your phone or tablet. Videos can also be stored on the micro SD card (that you supply). You can monitor multiple cameras on the phone app. The mode button allows you to toggle between continuous videos and motion detected.

The camera is powered by a rechargeable battery or by directly connecting to an outlet via the USB connector that is provided.

The back of the camera is magnetic and can be placed on most metal objects or you can use the magnetic pedestal. The other end of the pedestal has an adhesive backing. Also, provided is a short (5 inch) flexible USB connector that can be used along with a USB adapter. There is, also, an iron disk with an adhesive backing for another alternative for camera placement.

For WiFi setup, download the P2PLiveCam app to your phone or tablet. The back of the camera has a QR Code for easy setup.

The camera is 1080p with a wide angle lens, with motion detection and night vision.

This is a great mini camera for the price. I highly recommend it.
October 15, 2018
Verified Purchase
How to install your new webcam
First steps
1. Open your box and check contents
2. Set aside your instruction book for reference later
3. Plug in your new cam to charge it
1. Using a laptop or cell phone, open your wireless network list
a. With a laptop or tablet, open your control panel and go to Network settings
b. Click on “list available networks” and look for the wireless device as listed in your webcam instructions
2. Log on to your new webcam
3. Download the viewing app listed in the instruction book
4. Start the app.
5. Click on “add a webcam” and add the name and address found on your webcam
6. Once your webcam is found, change the network from the factory setting to the network being used where the camera will be located.
7. Once located and shown in the app, you can then change the name of the cam and password.
8. Enjoy your new webcam!

September 28, 2018
Verified Purchase

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